FLS Medical Leads Committee survey 2020

  • This very brief survey (approximately 5 minutes in duration) is being sent to evaluate how Osteoporosis Canada may best help you in your work related to the FLS. Sharing of articles relevant to osteoporosis/FLS and invitations to webinars will continue only for those who respond to this survey. If you do not respond, we will remove your name from the mailing list but, of course, if you change your mind later, simply drop an email to fls@osteoporosis.ca
  • Articles: Shared in the past year (since summer 2019):

    • Package of OC Essential Elements, FLS KPIs, patient info on bisphosphonate administration • Effective secondary fracture prevention of fragility fractures: clinical standards for Fracture Liaison Services (Royal Osteoporosis Society, UK) • A randomized controlled trial of vitamin D dosing strategies after acute hip fracture: No advantage of loading doses over daily supplementation • A population-based study of postfracture care in Manitoba, Canada 2000/2001–2014/2015 • Secondary Fracture Prevention: Consensus Clinical Recommendations from a Multistakeholder Coalition • Recurrent Fracture Risk and Implementation of Fracture Liaison Services in four Swedish hospitals A Cohort Study. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.
  • Webinars: Offered/shared in the past year (since summer 2019):

    • FLS: where are we now? (FLS works!) • Update on vitamin D • ASBMR Secondary Fracture Prevention Initiative and Coalition (ASBMR webinar supported by OC) • Update on atypical femoral fractures
  • FLS Medical Leads Committee

  • Thank you for your participation. If you would like to contact Osteoporosis Canada's FLS team, please send an email to lschenkels@osteopororis.ca