Key Indicators for Canadian FLSs

Setting the foundation for reflective practice and improvement for FLSs

To be effective, an FLS must first and foremost have the right processes in place. (See Essential Elements of an FLS). One of these crucial processes is the ability of the FLS to monitor its own effectiveness.

The key FLS indicators provide:

  • A way to measure the performance of the FLS at the level of the system
  • A useful tool to facilitate on-going continuous quality improvement through Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) methodology to address any identified care gaps

The more experienced and established an FLS is, the better the patient outcomes will be, but the key FLS indicators will set up all FLSs for a much faster path to success. Osteoporosis Canada’s (OC) goal is to help ensure that no fracture patient is ever “left behind” and that each of them will receive the osteoporosis care they need to prevent their next fracture. The Key Indicators for Canadian FLSs is a crucial part of this endeavour.

The key indicators will also become important as we prepare for Osteoporosis Canada’s first National FLS Audit planned for 2018.