Close the Gap

This video provides an overview of FLS and its effectiveness.

FLS Information Sheets: The science supporting the FLS model of care

View 17 (downloadable) individual Info Sheets on FLS topics to inform healthcare professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Free Consultation Service

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Osteoporosis Canada (OC) is pleased to offer a free consultation to Canadian FLSs prior to implementation!

Brookfield Chair

The Chair will support FLS start-up programs with training, knowledge, and funding.

Essential Elements

The minimum processes needed for any FLS to successfully ensure that the great majority of fracture patients will receive appropriate osteoporosis care.

Key Indicators

Setting the foundation for reflective practice and improvement for FLSs.

FLS data collection tool

Educational resources for healthcare professionals and patients

Tools useful for, and developed in partnership with, Canadian FLS coordinators.


These webinars offer great information for healthcare professionals and those interested in FLS implementation.

FLS Toolkit

This document examines the need for and many benefits of FLS and provides a great overview for FLS.

Toolkit Appendices

Appendices supporting the need for, and many benefits of, FLS.

FLS calculator and return on investment tool

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Join the FLS Network

Members of this national network receive access to timely and relevant information, and webinars related to FLS in Canada.

Appendix A

The human cost of osteoporosis

Appendix B

Fracture incidence and costs by province

Appendix C

Best practices for post-fracture osteoporosis care: Fracture Liaison Services

Appendix D

Other models of post-fracture osteoporosis care

Appendix E

Generic Fracture Liaison Service business plan template

Appendix F

Potential cost savings of FLS by province

Appendix G

How to start and expand Fracture Liaison Services

Appendix H

Step by step guide to setting up a Fracture Liaison Service

Appendix I

Algorithms for FLS by fracture type (including templates for form letters to Primary Care Providers)

Appendix J

Other practical tools for FLS (including sample FLS program logic, sample job description for FLS coordinator, FLS checklists, etc.)

Appendix K

Fracture Liaison Service online resources

Appendix L

IOF FLS Best Practice Framework