Osteoporosis Canada to Launch New FLS Registry

Osteoporosis Canada (OC) is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the OC FLS Registry. The OC FLS Registry will be an online map profiling FLS programs across Canada, which meet OC’s Essential Elements of Fracture Liaison Services. The Registry will allow insight into the breadth and location of FLS across the country. It will serve as a vital tool to assist with OC’s efforts to foster the implementation of effective FLS across Canada.

Submissions to the OC FLS Registry:

OC is now accepting submissions for the upcoming launch of the Registry. FLS programs across Canada are invited to submit their program for profile in the Registry. Submissions are open to all FLS programs currently in operation, from those who have newly opened to established programs. Submission forms can be found here.

Submissions received on a rolling basis and the Registry will be updated regularly throughout the year.

For more information, read our FAQ and/or email Katie Cvitkovitch, Manager of FLS with Osteoporosis Canada at kcvitkovitch@osteoporosis.ca

Do you know of an FLS program currently in operation in Canada? Please share this link and encourage them to make a submission.


About FLS:

A Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) is a specific system-based model of care for secondary fracture prevention where a dedicated coordinator:

  • systematically and proactively identifies patients aged 50 years and older presenting to a hospital with a new fragility fracture and/or with a newly reported vertebral fracture;
  • organizes appropriate investigations to determine the patient’s fracture risk;
  • facilitates the initiation of appropriate osteoporosis medications.