Sun Life Financial donates more than $100,000 to the Fracture Navigator Program, Dartmouth, N.S.

On May 25, 2012 Sun Life Financial announced a donation of $ 103,232 to the Fracture Navigator Program, led by Dr. Diane Theriault at the Dartmouth General Hospital in Nova Scotia. For patients with osteoporosis in the community, this program will help reduce future medical complications, including repeat fractures, through early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

“One of the priority areas for Sun Life’s philanthropy program is health-related initiatives, especially those that promote wellness or prevention,” said Scott Woodman, Regional Vice-President, Atlantic Region, Sun Life Financial Canada. “We’re proud to partner with the hospital to be part of the Fracture Navigator Program, which can make a real difference for many people in our community.”


Sun Life Financial Donates More Than $100,000 to Dr. Diane Therialt's Fracture Navigator Program

From left to right: Scott Woodman, Regional Vice-President, Atlantic Region, Sun Life Financial Canada; Michael Wild, Advisor, Sun Life Financial Canada; Kim Conrad, Chair, Dartmouth General Hospital Charitable Foundation; Dr. Diane Thériault, Medical Director, Dartmouth General Hospital Fracture Navigator Program.

A whitepaper titled Towards a Fracture-Free Future; published by Osteoporosis Canada in March 2011 highlights the need for effective screening and post fracture care strategies for the identification and treatment of high risk fracture patients. In simple terms, once an individual has broken a bone due to osteoporosis, they are much more likely to break again – making them high risk. While our current medical system is geared to provide effective care for such fracture patients; over 80% of these patients are never offered assessment and/ or treatment of their underlying osteoporosis. They just fall through the cracks in the current health care system and remain at risk for recurrent, debilitating and life threatening osteoporotic fractures. The Fracture Navigator program bridges that very gap in the health care system for the residents of Dartmouth, N.S.

Osteoporosis Canada applauds the efforts of Sun Life Financial Canada in helping close the care gap. With their generous support, the Fracture Navigator program will help to effectively identify and manage these patients- so that their first fracture will be their last.