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The Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto to celebrate its 20th year

This quality improvement program focuses on secondary fracture prevention by identifying patients at risk for future fracture and initiating appropriate evaluation, risk assessment, education, and therapeutic intervention. From inception, data collection and analysis have been central to the program, and approval by the Research Ethics Board was obtained to permit the publication of quality assurance data.  The program undergoes regular iterative program modifications based on evolving risk assessment tools and treatment guidelines, performance outcomes, and qualitative study results.

Registered Nurse (RN) or a Nurse Practitioner (NP)? Guidance for new FLSs

It is important to spend the time needed to determine the most appropriate professional background for your new FLS coordinator and this will largely depend on your local individual context. Nursing offers by far the best fit in terms of scope of practice. But should you hire an RN or an NP? This article aims to cover some of the important considerations.

Dr. Earl Bogoch Appointed the Inaugural Holder of the Brookfield Chair in Fracture Prevention

Dr. Famida Jiwa, President & CEO, Osteoporosis Canada is pleased to announce that Dr. Earl Bogoch has been appointed the inaugural holder of the Brookfield Chair in Fracture Prevention. This University of Toronto chair, a global first of its type, has been established at the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Foundation through the generosity of Brookfield Partners Foundation, which provided a $3 million grant. Dr. Bogoch was appointed after a Faculty search process.

Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) in Nova Scotia: A Primary Health Care program improving osteoporosis care for patients presenting with fragility fractures

A province-wide post fracture care gap has previously been documented in Nova Scotia: in 2010, only 23% of hip fracture patients received osteoporosis medication within 6 months of their fracture.1 With the assistance of the Dartmouth General Hospital (DGH) Foundation and a philanthropic grant from Sun Life Financial, the first Nova Scotia (NS) FLS was […]

Breaking the cycle of recurrent fractures: 2019 Implementation Science Team Project Grant Recipient

After rigorous peer review, the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) recently awarded the Fraser Health Authority team in British Columbia (BC), a three-year project team grant worth $500,000. The project, titled “Breaking the cycle of recurrent fracture: Scaling up a secondary fracture prevention program in Fraser Health to inform spread across British Columbia”, […]

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Osteoporosis Canada (OC) is pleased to announce the updated version of “Key performance indicators (KPIs) for Canadian FLSs (v2.0)”. Version 2 of the OC FLS KPIs brings in new learnings from OC’s first national audit released in September 2018. The FLS KPIs provide: A way to measure the performance of the FLS at the level […]

Congratulations to Fraser Health’s Fracture Liaison Service team!

A development grant to improve osteoporosis care for fragility fracture patients has been awarded to British Columbia’s Fraser Health Authority. Funding for “Breaking The Cycle Of Recurrent Fracture: Scaling Up A Fracture Prevention Program In British Columbia” was awarded by the Michel Smith Foundation for Health Research. Osteoporosis Canada congratulates the project co-leads, Dr. Sonia […]

Premier audit national de FLS Les résultats du premier audit national de FLS mené par Ostéoporose Canada démontrent que les FLS canadiens ont un impact positif sur la vie des patients souffrant de fractures de fragilité. Les résultats prometteurs publiés en septembre 2018 sont intégrés dans le « Rapport sur le premier audit national de FLS ». […]

Osteoporosis Canada’s first national FLS audit

The results from Osteoporosis Canada’s first national FLS audit demonstrate the positive impact of Canadian FLSs on the lives of fragility fracture patients. The promising results, released in September 2018, are included in the “Report from Canada’s first national FLS audit” which provides an overview of the audit for the cohort of patients enrolled in […]