With the recent implementation of a combined inpatient/outpatient FLS (Fracture Liaison Service) at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in Charlottetown, PEI becomes the very first province in Canada where FLS is available for every resident who suffers a fragility fracture of the hip, wrist, shoulder or pelvis.

Since January, the fracture patients seen by the province’s orthopaedic service benefit from an FLS nurse practitioner, Ashley Poole.  With a background in the care of the older adult, and working within the Provincial Geriatric Program, Ashley is uniquely positioned to both develop and operate the province’s new 3i FLS.  Her role is to identify, investigate, and initiate appropriate osteoporosis treatment for high-risk patients, in order to reduce their risk of repeat fractures.

Ashley works directly with the FLS Medical Lead, Dr. Martha Carmichael (Geriatrician), and is supported by FLS champions Dr. Scott Wotherspoon (Orthopedic Surgeon) and the entire orthopedic team.  They plan to collect data to document the effectiveness of the province’s new FLS.  It is anticipated that they will very quickly reduce the post-fracture care gap in PEI and eventually this will lead to an overall reduction in the fracture burden on the Island.

The new PEI BreakFree FLS has been implemented through the generous financial support of the Department of Health and Wellness, Health PEI, and the Brookfield Chair in Fracture Prevention.

Osteoporosis Canada applauds the PEI government for its vision and leadership in this endeavour.  It is hoped that other provinces will soon follow PEI’s lead and expand FLS to make it available to all of their residents.