With the recent new additions to Osteoporosis Canada’s FLS Registry, we now have 52 FLSs in Canada.

Fracture Liaison Services (FLSs) began to be established in Canada in 2002 at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.  There has been slow progress since with the establishment of FLSs in 6 provinces at this point, including one province with universal access (Prince Edward Island).  PEI is currently the only province in Canada where FLS is available for every resident who suffers a fragility fracture of the hip, wrist, shoulder or pelvis.

Canada needs many more FLSs.  There should be an FLS at every orthopaedic centre to ensure that all fragility fracture patients (outpatients and inpatients) receive the osteoporosis care they need to help prevent their imminent next fracture.

An FLS is a specific model of care where a dedicated coordinator proactively identifies fracture patients, typically in orthopaedic services, on a system-wide basis, and determines their fracture risk with the express purpose of facilitating effective osteoporosis treatment for high-risk patients. FLS is the only intervention that has been proven to have a meaningful impact (i.e., with at least a two-fold improvement) on the post-fracture osteoporosis care gap.

Canadian FLSs are to be congratulated for their interest in ensuring quality osteoporosis care for fragility fracture patients. Also, to be congratulated are the local champions who, through strategic planning, have supported the evidence-based decision to create an FLS for their residents. These champions consist of local patients, physicians, specialists, health care administrators and volunteers.  Each new FLS is indebted to them and thankful for their commitment.

We celebrate the 52 Canadian FLSs and look forward to the establishment of additional FLSs to meet the needs of Canadians.  Osteoporosis Canada is committed to ensuring universal access to this proven model of care. Without FLS, it is well documented that 80% of fragility fracture patients will not receive the osteoporosis care they need to prevent their next fracture.