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A Canadian FLS First in the Province of Prince Edward Island

With the recent implementation of a combined inpatient/outpatient FLS (Fracture Liaison Service) at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in Charlottetown, PEI becomes the very first province in Canada where FLS is available for every resident who suffers a fragility fracture of the hip, wrist, shoulder or pelvis.  

Fractured families

My grandmother’s broken hip was never repaired thus her last 7 years of life consisted of lying in her bed in a long-term care home. Her life was fractured as well as her family’s as they supported her through her final years. For Grammie, her fracture meant leaving the family home with its wide veranda next door to her kids and entering “the Mount”. Now family visits consisted of cramming into a dim, shared room with interruptions by staff and other residents all while trying to avert your eyes from Grammie’s misaligned leg under the covers, her increasing dementia and her institutional existence.

Overcoming barriers to improve patient outcomes in an FLS

FLS Coordinators are no strangers to finding innovative methods to improve care for their patients. With the goal of ensuring that every fragility fracture patient is provided appropriate osteoporosis care, FLS Coordinators have often been successful at finding creative solutions when they identify significant barriers in care.

FLS Registry Launches Online Map

A Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) is a specific model of care where a coordinator pro-actively identifies fracture patients, on a system-wide basis, and determines their fracture risk with the express purpose of facilitating effective osteoporosis treatment for high risk patients. FLS is, by far, the most effective secondary fracture prevention method to ensure fracture patients […]